6th Annual Marshall PhD Conference in Finance:  June 22, 2018 - Program

Location: USC Fertitta Hall (JFF), room 236

Time Allocation: Presenters will have 30 minutes, discussants 20 minutes, 5 minutes for Q&A, and a 5 minute break.

Download each paper by clicking on the paper title below or download all 6 papers in a .zip file (5.4MB).
Presenter and discussant websites are linked to their names.

Download a 1 page printable PDF of this schedule.

 8:30 am   Continental Breakfast and Check-In

 8:55 am   Welcome - Louis Yang (USC Marshall, FBE)


 9:00 am   Session 1:  

Real Option Exercise: Empirical Evidence

Presenter:  Paul Decaire  (University of Pennsylvania, Wharton)
          co-authors: Erik P. Gilje (University of Pennsylvania) and Jerome P. Taillard (Babson College)

Discussant:  Michael Ewens  (California Institute of Technology) 

 9:55 am    Break

10:00 am   Session 2:  

CEO Leadership and Talent Retention

Presenter:  Yosub Jung  (Harvard University)

Discussant:  Isaac Hacamo  (University of Indiana) 

10:55 am   Break

11:00 am   Session 3:  

Corporate Debt Choice and Bank Capital Regulation

Presenter:  Haotian Xiang  (University of Pennsylvania, Wharton)

Discussant:  Vincenzo Quadrini  (USC Marshall, FBE) 

11:55 am   Break for lunch

12:00 pm   Lunch - Suryan Plaza - Sponsored by the USC Graduate Student Government


 1:00 pm   Session 4:  

Stock Return Predictability: Riding the Risk Premium

Presenter:  Roberto Gómez Cram  (University of Pennsylvania, Wharton)

Discussant:  Michael Brennan  (UCLA [Emeritus] and London Business School) 

 1:55 pm   Break

 2:00 pm   Session 5:  

Prudential Capital Controls and Risk Misallocation: Bank Lending Channel

Presenter:  Lorena Keller  (Northwestern University, Kellogg)

Discussant:  Tom Chang  (USC Marshall, FBE)

 2:55 pm   Break

 3:00 pm   Session 6:  

Capital Gains Tax and Real Corporate Investment - revised paper posted June 6

Presenter:  Terry Moon  (Princeton University)

Discussant:  Jean Helwege  (UC Riverside)

 3:55 pm   Closing comments and voting instructions

 4:00 pm   Best paper award Sponsored by Wharton Research Data Services​ (WRDS)
                                                   voting (4pm) and announcement (4:15pm)

Here are the programs from our First (2013),  Second (2014),  Third (2015), Fourth (2016), and Fifth (2017) Annual USC Marshall Ph.D. Conferences in Finance.

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