5th Annual Marshall PhD Conference in Finance - Program

Location: Popovich Hall (JKP), room 110

Time Allocation: Presenters will have 30 minutes, discussants 20 minutes, 5 minutes for Q&A, and a 5 minute break.

Download each paper by clicking on the paper title below. Where available, session chair, presenter, and discussant websites are linked to their names.

 8:30 am   Continental Breakfast and Check-In

 8:55 am   Welcome - Conson Zhang (USC Marshall, FBE)


 9:00 am   Session 1 ChairKenneth Ahern  (USC Marshall, FBE)

Does Accountability Deter Individuals from Serving as Independent Directors?
Evidence from A Corporate Governance Reform in India

Presenter:  S. Lakshmi Naaraayanan  (HKUST)

Discussant:  Ran Duchin  (University of Washington) 

 9:55 am    Break

10:00 am   Session 2 ChairScott Joslin  (USC Marshall, FBE)

Can Reinvestment Risk Explain the Dividend and Bond Term Structures?

Presenter:  Andrei Gonçalves  (The Ohio State University)

Discussant:  Michael Brennan  (UCLA) 

10:55 am   Break

11:00 am   Session 3 ChairChris Jones  (USC Marshall, FBE)

Short Selling ETFs

Presenter:  Qifei Zhu  (University of Texas at Austin)

Discussant:  Andrew (Di) Wu  (University of Michigan) 

11:55 am   Break

12:00   Lunch - Sponsored by Wharton Research Data Services​ (WRDS)


 1:00 pm   Session 4 ChairLarry Harris  (USC Marshall, FBE)

Downward Wage Rigidity, Corporate Investment, and Firm Value

Presenter:  DuckKi Cho  (Arizona State University)

Discussant:  Andres Donangelo  (University of Texas at Austin) 

 1:55 pm   Break

 2:00 pm   Session 5 Chair John Matsusaka  (USC Marshall, FBE)

Corruption and Firms

Presenter:  Emanuele Colonnelli  (Stanford University)

Discussant:  Marcus Opp  (UC Berkeley) 

 2:55 pm   Break

 3:00 pm   Session 6 ChairJuhani Linnainmaa  (USC Marshall, FBE)

Financial Intermediaries and International Risk Premia

Presenter:  Kyriakos Chousakos  (Yale University)

Discussant:  Tyler Muir  (UCLA) 

 3:55 pm   Break

 4:00 pm   Best paper award - voting (4pm) and announcement (4:15pm)

Here are the programs from our First (2013),  Second (2014),  Third (2015), and Fourth (2016) Annual USC Marshall Ph.D. Conferences in Finance.

Last revised:  6/15/2017 - New paper posted for session 2!