Questions frequently asked by mentees and mentors:

How often should I meet with my mentor?

At least once a semester. Mentors: Please see the Mentoring Checklist on this website for other suggested mentoring activities.

What roles can my mentor play for me?

Mentors are tasked with many roles, including coach, protector, counselor, role model, and sponsor. For example, in the sponsor role, mentors should be helping you to obtain invitations for presentations at other universities and to conferences. A lengthier discussion of mentors’ roles can be found in the Marshall Faculty Manual.


What kinds of things can I talk to my mentor about? 

Anything and everything. For example, you can speak with your mentor about the 4th year review and the tenure process. You can also ask your mentor for feedback on a specific paper and recommendations about how to manage your portfolio of papers. Your mentor also can provide feedback on how to respond to reviewers, recommendations about teaching-related issues, and guide you with regard to the types of service contributions that are appropriate for your career stage. While some of your questions may involve issues beyond your mentor’s expertise, your mentor should be willing to help you find the right resources. Some of those resources are included on this website.


Should I obtain advice from people other than my mentor?

Yes! It is important to speak with senior faculty other than your mentor as well as with your peers. Valuable advice can be obtained from many sources.


What should I do if my mentor is not a good fit for me?

Speak with your department chair to see if there is someone who would be a better fit.


What are the School’s expectations regarding research, teaching, and service?

The Marshall Faculty Manual contains details regarding these expectations.


How do I fill out my Annual Performance Review (APR)?

The Vice Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs will send a memo with detailed instructions regarding this process each year. Additional information can be obtained in the Marshall Faculty Manual and by asking your mentor.


What is the Marshall School’s policy on maternity/paternity leave and time toward tenure? 

Please see the Marshall Faculty Manual for this policy (section 8).  Please see the resources on the left-hand side of this website for a link.


Where do I find out about University policies on mid-tenure and tenure reviews?

The UCAPT manual. This manual is perhaps the most important document you should read for information on promotion and tenure issues.


Where can I find a sample dossier for 4th-year review or tenure purposes?

In the Marshall Faculty Manual, Appendix B. This website provides you with a link to the manual. Your peers may also be willing to share theirs with you.


What are the deadlines for 4th-year review/tenure materials?

Please see the Marshall Faculty Manual (Appendix A) for a calendar of all important dates related to both mid-tenure and tenure decisions. If unavailable for some reason, this information is given to department chairs each year. There is a link to the manual on this website.