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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get on a waitlist?

Email a Waitlist Request Form to You can download this from under the "Waitlist" section of this site.

How does the waitlist work?

Once a class is full, you may request to be placed on the waitlist for the class. When an enrolled student drops the class, a seat will become available. The person that is currently first on the waitlist will be automatically enrolled in the class. When you are enrolled, you will get a registration confirmation email from our office.

How does waitlist priority get determined?

Your priority is determined by the date and time we receive your form. If you email us the form, we will use the received time in our inbox. If you hand the form to us in person, the person receiving your form will write the date and time on the form.

*Exception - the only exception to this is when you get on the waitlist during the MRS Bidding round. If you waitlisted for a class during MRS Bidding, your waitlist priority is determined by the number of bid points you bid on the class. In the case of a tie bid, where two or more students bid the same amount of points, the system will randomize your priority order.

How do I know my current priority on the waitlist?

You will get an email with the updated waitlist weekly. The email will include information such as:

  • Your new priority - if a space became available and someone was promoted off the waitlist or if someone who was currently waiting asked to be removed.
  • The names of all students currently on the waitlist.

How many people are currently on the waitlist?​

The University Schedule of Classes ( has class information, including how many students are enrolled in each class and how many students are waiting. Please note that the schedule does not get updated in real time and there could be a lag where other students have submitted waitlists after the last published update on the Schedule of Classes.

I don't want to be on a waitlist anymore. How do I get off of a waitlist?

To be removed from a waitlist, send an email to and request to be removed. You will receive an email confirmation letting you know that you have been taken off the waitlist. Please let us know if you do not receive a confirmation email within 2 business days.


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